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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Posted on March 19, 2016 at 5:21 AM Comments comments ()
I have formed the opinion that Hillary Clinton offers the best deal for America, and I would like to explain my reasoning this way:-

I have gathered some facts and figures about the five candidates still standing, and would sum them up as follows :-

Hillary Clinton enjoys enormous support amongst the Democrats, and seems the obvious choice, with her very sound record of international diplomacy as Secretary of State most recently, where after four years of constant shuttling across the Middle East she brokered peace agreements, and became ill with a clot on her brain, when she had to resign her post as Madame Secretary.  It is a great credit to her that she put in unstinting effort to meet and talk with the power players in that region, and engaged them in enhancing peace efforts and agreements which did the Middle East a power of good.  The Middle East probably enjoyed the longest period of unbroken peace at that time, whether it was due to her diplomatic efforts or just a natural coincidence, only history can judge.

In her Presidency, she would seek to maintain the good financial regime already in place, and sensibly so, for it has helped to create the economic Recovery and growing Prosperity that the nation enjoys.
Keeping the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare, which President Obama championed in memory of his mother and helped bring it into being) in place, perhaps enhancing it via Medicaid, endeavouring to make it even cheaper and available to more and more Americans, seems a pragmatic approach to continuation of something that is good and works in practice and improving it further.

Bernie Sanders, the much loved candidate from Vermont, warms the cockles of peoples hearts with what he would do : he would provide universal free medical care, and create 13 million well-paid jobs with a huge fantasy budget.  Such a budget will not pass scrutiny by the Federal Office for Budget Responsibility.  But Bernie is a good man, and I hope Mrs Clinton could adopt some of the workable policies into the framework of the policies which already exist, and which she would enhance with her own signature.  For this reason, again I believe Hillary makes a commendable case for her election to the Presidency.

On the other hand, there are those who would repeal Obamacare, the much-needed Affordable Care Act which President Obama championed and brought into being, in memory of his late Mother, who died at a young age, unable to access medical care. Obamacare is something all the Republican candidates, without exception, would do away with; repeal, as they say.  'It costs too much' That is Ted Cruz's rationale for proposing to repeal it.  Of course, the rich folks would rather pay less taxes. 

But Ted Cruz has a further agenda that people will not like.  He wishes to reduce the size of government.  Under him, you would see the closure of various departments.  These departments provide essential services to the people.  It may be okay for the folks who don't need these services, for they can purchase them for themselves, but what about the vast majority of the American people, who need and use these services, and cannot do without?

With a fantasy budget of $14 Trillion over the next ten years, Senator Cruz would be bolstering up the defence budget, for warfare in different regions of the world.  This is not a man who would further the cause of peace.  His suggestion of 'carpet bombing' Syria in its current sorry state where most of it has been reduced to ruble, with huge loss of life of 370,000 persons, is something to be perhaps treated as sarcasm.  Such a man, were he ever to reach a high position of power, would be dangerous. 

Donald Trump, who also is promoted by himself as @The Donald on social media, is a patriotic and likeable personality.  He is a self-made multi-billionaire, estimated to be worth at least $4billion by Forbes currently.  He lives a fine life, with palatial mansions in Westchester County and Manhattan, with chauffeur driven cars at his disposal as well as copters and a fine personal jet, which has a plush dining room, a regal bedchamber, and 24-carat gold seatbelt fastners.  As President of the Trump Corporation, he probably enjoys more than the President of the U.S.A. could.  He even employs a Secret Service to guard him, who impressively form a protective shield around him at his public appearances.  With the highest of motives, he is actually running for the political power and prestige, the kudos, of the office of President of U.S.A.  He can afford everything for himself and his family, but repealing Obamacare is something the ordinary citizens do not like to hear about.  His fantasy budget of some $11 Trillion to $14 Trillion over the next ten years would enrich some sections of society.  The rich and the ambitious can visualise themselves becoming very wealthy when the Donald is President.  But the rest have much to fear.....he would actually cut public spending by eighty percent.  Can you imagine that?  Fully 80%!  The poor, the middle classes, the unwaged, the disabled without private means, the Retirees, how would they manage to survive? 

Last but by no means least, the almost overlooked candidate in this race is Senator John Kasich of Ohio.
He got the full backing of the 66 delegates on Super Tuesday, affirming the hope that he may have scope to make it to the nomination.  This is the man who balanced the budget of the State of Ohio four years running, yet he is a man of appealing modesty, a Republican who is truly a man of the people, very much beloved by the people of Ohio.  His growing popularity may surprise the nation.

Kind regards,

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