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I pray for continued peace talks for Syria and her beleagured people

Posted on March 22, 2016 at 6:56 PM Comments comments ()
Today, the news first thing was bad news, sad news of the bomb-blasts at the Airport in Brussels, which caused such wreckage and so many deaths and injuries, followed by the blast on the metro train, again causing enormous wreckage and loss of life.  Clearly, these were co-ordinated acts of violence, carried out by men wearing the suicide vests, which blew the assailants and blew everything around them.  These are brave men (but their women use the same methods) who literally lay down their lives for their cause.  At short notice, such fearless men (or women) prepared to sacrifice themselves, can strike anywhere.....and that would make the job of the security services even more difficult. 

The other bad news was the complaint from the Russians, that there had been 'a unilateral violation of the ceasefire' in Syria, presumably suggesting that the Syrian rebels had fired some shots.  This is something they should not do, as the Russians now maintain two air bases inside Syria, and a fleet of jets; the 'withdrawal' was only a 'partial withdrawal' , and the Russian personnel are there to put the jets into action at short notice, and could (God forbid) re-start the bombing.  The Russians have spent One Hundred Billion Roubles on the six months fighting the war on behalf of Mr Bashar al-Asaad, that is roughly Ten Billion Pounds Sterling.  This it seems will have to be paid by Syria.  In the meantime, Russia feels entitled to keep the two air bases with Syria, and this may become a strategic point of influence in this region.

It would be sensible for everyone to observe the ceasefire, and let the peace talks in Geneva produce some framework of reference, and a timeframe leading up to the elections in Syria, in eighteen months time, if everything goes to plan. 

I pray that all sides will observe the ceasefire, and allow the peace talks to be fruitful.  If peace prevails, they can negotiate a larger peace for the future.  Hopefully they could also work out a framework of reference, and appoint some kind of responsible leadership who can influence the growth of this peace.  Peace and subsequent rehabilitation of the huge number of displaced people of Syria must be the chief aim of these talks.  With the guidance of the UN Peace Envoy, Mr Stephan de Mistura, and Syrian delegates from all sides must continue their discussions and air their grievances, and suggest what would be the ideal outcomes of these talks.  If they can agree on who should be their leaders, and who can be trusted to be fair and just to all sides, then perhaps they can also agree on who can look after the economic interests of the nation of Syria as well as the wellbeing and welfare of all her people, but especially the millions of them who have been displaced. 

The deaths of 370,000 persons in the period of the last five years in Syria during this mad conflict is a huge tragedy, brought upon the poor beleaguered people through unwarranted enmity and misguided loyalties.  I would suggest Mr Bashar al-Asaad should be given a leave from his duties, and allowed to rest well and write a report, an autobiography even, or his memoirs, and (even if he keeps it only for himself) share his thoughts, his thought processes, the stimuli, and what made him take and direct actions which have resulted in this sad state.  In the meantime, I would suggest to all those who have sympathy for the poor beleaguered people of Syria to desist from any acts that may give reason for the ceasefire to break-off.  This ceasefire has been won after relentless requests over the last five years and more from so many people and agencies who wish Syria and her people well, even if truly humanitarian reasons.  Please, allow peace to be negotiated, and let peace grow, so that thereafter the Syrian economy could be rescued and her people can thrive, living in a land which has everything to keep them eating, drinking, amusing themselves and singing Allah's praises.  I believe it is the moral duty of humankind to all help in helping the Syrian people regain their dignity, their birthright, of which they have been deprived in the meantime.  Anyone considering putting on a suicide vest and becoming a martyr, please tell them it is exactly what they should not do, to help the cause.  Let peace prevail, and let peace grow, that will put the aggressors to shame.  Pray in the name of Allah (who we also call God, the Heavenly Father of all nations and tribes) that there be peace.

Just imagine a Mother sitting at a table with all her children.  All are peaceful warriors. One makes chupati and samosas, other one is a dressmaker, the eldest boy is an accountant, the other one a nurse, another makes fine clothes, etc.  The world too can live peacefully like these peaceful warriors, who each day work hard and make something useful.  Other families have farmers, milkmen, sheppards, planters of olive trees, etc.  This vast procession, we are all children of God.  'Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be known as the progeny of God'.  Peace is what is must work for, and pray for.  All of us can be peaceful warriors, doing something good, earning out daily bread.  God guides the world, and Mother Nature creates everything that we all, each one of us, needs to sustain ourselves on a day-to-day basis.  That is how much God and Mother Nature loves us all, each and every one of us. 
Just as our parents on earth prefer us to act in peace, imagine the joy our Heavenly Father has when He seeks us all acting in peaceful way.  Peace, and bestowing peace unto others, is the one sure way not to fall short of the glory of God.  In the name of Jesus, our Heavenly Host and Saviour.  Amen.

(c) Copyright, but may be freely copied and distributed.  Please feel free to translate.