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Furtherance of Peace, but lessening of war - that should be the first agenda.

Posted on March 24, 2016 at 7:10 AM Comments comments ()
It is axiomatic that where there is Peace, there is normalcy and in that atmosphere, people shine and flourish to their best talents, and generally all people flourish too. 

Looking to that a starting point, or perhaps an end result that the world should seek for the beleaguered nation of Syria, I would suggest this as a framework of reference, noting that the peace talks in Geneva under the aegis of the United Nations need to focus on this issue and make headway.

It should go without saying, first of all, that Mr Bashar al-Asaad should tender his agreement that he is agreeable to being discharged of his duties as President by the Ba'ath Party, and that the process of finding an interim government should be started.  In the meantime, I suggest Mr al-Asaad could write his memoirs, and set a goal to complete them in the next six months, so the whole rationale for this mad conflict he has burdened upon his nation can be understood, and from there the necessary remedial works commenced to try and rehabilitate the people. 

My impression is that Mr Bashar al-Asaad in a desparate bid to control the situations developing within his nation, quite automatically agreed to actions by his security forces and people who are loyal to him to go out of control, and brought out forces to rebel against his leadership and his regime.  That seems to have led to the sorry state of Mr al-Asaad trying to hold onto power, and the whole mad conflict has been like a melee in which everyone joined in.  It has been a terrible, terrible conflict, with his nation paying a very high price, the unwanted death of more than 370,000 persons, most of them civilians, men, women and children.  Did it not occur to anyone to bring this to a halt?  Despite calls by the United Nations regularly, it seems nothing was effectively done to halt the conflict.....Or perhaps the situation had gone so much out of control, that it was just not possible.

But now at long last, after five years of unnecessary pain and suffering by the Syrian people, there is at long last a ceasefire in place, and Peace grace of Allah, these talks will bear fruit of Peace, a growing peace, a greater peace, and rehabilitation of the poor beleaguered people, a future of peace and stability, in which they can once again live a life of normalcy and flourish.  Syria was at one time a beautiful, prosperous nation, Allah has blessed them so.  Why it cannot be so once again?  As there can be roses upon stony ground, so there is great hope for the restoration of Syria.  That I do believe. 

All the people, starting with the tribal and clan elders and representatives in the parliament and heads and chairmen of parties, must try on agree on Peace in principle, as a starting point.  In their big-heartedness and civility, they must grant peace to their neighbours and try to foster an atmosphere of peace and joyfulness, everyone packing their guns and missiles away and allowing the people rest and freedom from worry and nervousness.....These people are soulfully tired from the effects of the conflict, and now need a long period of assured peace so they can rest, attend to their wounds, and hopefully things can return to normal routine of everyday living, including praying five times a day.
The conflicts have robbed people of even this joyful opportunity to commune with Allah.  Only an extended peace can allow people to return to such joyful activities.  May Allah be praised.

The war torn buildings which are dangerous and should be dismantled, should be dismantled.  Those which can be salvaged for repair should be saved and repairs commenced.  There must be a guaranteed peace for the humanitarian aid to come through into all towns and cities of Syria, including medical aid, which could then be distributed for the people to find respite from the sad situation in which most of the country finds itself.  It seems the American Secretary of State Mr John Kerry and his Russian counterpart Mr Sergei Lavrov have been discussing this humanitarian aid in Moscow.  Upon favourable news from the peace talks in Geneva, this could commence very soon.  I hope the delegates at the peace talks would agree to broad outlines of a Peace being established for the meantime and ceasefire observation being requested for this good work to commence.

I feel sure the people of Syria deserve the world's sympathy, and I hope all people in the conflict can call for a complete ceasefire and halt to the conflict, so that the good works may commence.

Praying for our Heavenly Father's blessings on humanity, in the name of our Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus the Christ.  Amen.

(c) Copyright, but may be freely translated, copied, distributed.
11:09am London