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Now she's talking, is Hillary Clinton

Posted on April 9, 2016 at 9:49 AM Comments comments ()
She warms the cockles of me heart, does Hillary Clinton, as she wins the hearts of millions of Americans. 

I was impressed with her recent speech, in which she says :

"The very first speech I gave in this campaign was about criminal justice reform and ending the era of mass incarceration....I want to put forward, as President, the kinds of changes that are needed, and I've been talking about it for more than a year.  I'm encouraged by the consensus that has developed around making these reforms to end the school-to-prison pipeline, to provide more opportunities for people to be diverted in the first place from the criminal justice system, to have more opportunities when they come out, so they have somewhere to get a job, a place to live, to get on with their lives." 

Mrs Clinton is fully aware of "the importance of continuing the legacy of Barack Obama, including increasing opportunity for the middle class and working class, and fighting against racial and gender discrimination."

When she says she will make America 'whole', one can now fully understand what she means.  It is a testament to her vision of creating opportunities for all, in an all-inclusive culture of a nation that can be great only after healing the rifts within first....further empowering anew those who had thought they had gained equality of opportunity (when that is yet to come, it seems).

I like what she promises for the working class.  It would create social satisfaction if more jobs were created by the government and the private sector for sandwich makers, laundry workers, concierges, bellboys, cab drivers, shoe repairers, as well as for number crunchers, lawyers, estate agents, travel agents, housebuilders, construction teams, etc, etc.

If there is opportunity, it will help to hold back people turning to crime in the first place.
That would create great satisfaction for everybody( the would-be criminals as well as the potential victims).

I reckon Mrs Clinton is worthy of support, especially at this stage and later at the general election stage, so she be elected the first woman President of the U.S.A.  And why not?  Israel had Mrs Golda Meir, India had Mrs Indira Gandhi, Britain had Mrs Margaret Thatcher.....all are now waiting for Mrs Hillary Clinton to be the leader of this great democracy which is a superpower too.  

I shall be pleased to hear your views on this debate.

Kind regards,

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