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My opinion on some pressing matters facing the world

Posted on April 19, 2016 at 3:50 PM Comments comments ()
Over the last few days I have had lots of visitors to my blog and website from Germany, France, Ukraine, and a few from Brazil and India, so I will write my opinions of issues which I think they may be concerned about.

Germany and France are obviously concerned about (1) whether Britain will remain with the European Union.  I believe British common sense and wisdom will not disappoint our friends in Europe.  I believe U.K. will remain In the E.U.  A 'Brexit' may have been a Greek-style scenario, perhaps to weadle out the best deal, which Mr Cameron received.  A few of his allies in politics have come out against the whole idea, and they obviously are big shots with lots of supporters of their ideological ideas; but the vast majority of the British population, who are very strong minded and independent in their thinking, will not be lending them much support just because they demand to have such support. 
    I am of the opinion that a Brexit would be bad for everybody.  The U.K. may suffer a recessionary environment for the next fifteen years to 2030.  I believe the projections put across by Her Majesty's Government; also I gather Her Majesty herself would be happy for the United Kingdom to remain In.
When the highest people in the land are in favour of staying In, knowing the nation's interests at heart, there is no concern over a few people who would like to dissent; it is their democratic right in this great democracy. (2) The European Central Bank must look at the situation regarding the actual printing of additional amounts of the Euro, not only of issuing them or authorising them into the system.  If actual printing is done (or electronic transfers are authorised), thereby expanding the capital base of the Euro Area, and this in turn is dished out to the major banks in each nation to be loaned to corporations and individuals, then there can be every hope that money will create wealth, helping people upgrade, buy more stock, serve more customers, and on and on, and the inert matter will actually circulate and sustain livelihoods and create wealth, coming back to the nation in taxes and to the banks as repayments of the loans.  This virtuous circle must be added to, with appropriate adjustments, so people can prosper. 

This appropriately enough by coincidence takes me to the point about the impending impeachment of Mme Roussef in Brazil.  I would surmise that she had expanded the nation's balance sheet without consulting her colleagues in government, in the fashion of her predecessors, seeing no fault with this technique, knowing it to be good for her beloved nation and the people.  Mme Dilma Roussef has held her country afloat and in high esteem when the finances were a little bit tight.  The grateful Brazilian people were I assume full of admiration at their predecessors' aplomb at doing what was prudent and necessary.  In the other economies they would have done some quantitative easing, with full approval of the parliament.  However, Mme Roussef just followed her predecessors' example, their precedent, and did not expect any of the other leaders to disapprove or find this to be a fault.  The greatest hopes can be that they will not proceed with this idea of an impeachment (or at least not until after the Summer Olympics - they have invested their heart and soul in that showcase event, and hopefully it will bring them as much and even more friendship and goodwill of the world communities; an impeachment, which seems based on jealousy on spurious issues, considering it is the tradition of past leaders of Brazil, may create instability and difficulties for this economy. )  I hope the peoples' interest will inspire Mme Roussef's detractors to allow that stability to flourish until after the Games at least.  I pray for that.

As for India, it seems progress is being made in leaps and bounds, and it can bring added happiness to all the people, with the building of 100 new cities, opening bank accounts for people wherever they are, additional facilities for education and medicine being provided by the government under Modiji's leadership.  But stories of hit-and-run drivers not being apprehended and put on trial is very sad, not to say lack of justice to the victims.  Just because it is a Mercedes or a BMW which has killed some innocent pedestrian must not be allowed to be seen as some privileged persons getting away with causing death.  The culprits must be booked and brought to justice.  A civilized society cannot let the culprits not face justice.  Otherwise it will seem there are two laws, one for the privileged, another for the rest of the nation.  This issue I believe will be tackled, so there can be no blemish on Indian law, in the eyes of the world at large.

It seems people in Ukraine are still waiting for the withdrawal of heavy artillery by the Russian 'rebels', and commencement of an accommodative and harmonious relationship.  To hear that so many citizens of Ukraine have to beg for bread in a once prosperous nation should send shivers down anybody's spine.

As Kiev manages the transfer of Russian gas to Europe, it would surely be just to grant those good people a harmonious environment, and remove the heavy artillery, and all the unnecessary bloodshed.

The generous and understanding soul of Russia cannot be so cruel.  I hope Mr Putin will encourage his side to observe the details of the Minsk Agreement, and help restore peace and harmony to poor Ukraine.  And in that it would bring goodness to the Russian economy, if more sanctions are lifted and trade between all nations concerned starts once again.  Then people can have the foods they enjoy, and jobs can resume once again in so many nations.  I can even imagine the Russian people not suffering hardship, unable to meet their mortgages denominated in other currencies, as currently.  By being generous and forgiving to the people of Ukraine, I believe Russia will reap blessings which will actually restore the economic progress of their great economy.  Russia has vast lands and so many resources, and is sparsely populated other than in the metropolitan cities.  Russia doesn't need control over Ukraine....they should be happy enough with the people there shipping out their gas and making their livelihoods....why reduce them to such abject poverty that they have to beg for bread?

I hope understanding hearts around the world read my blog, and reflect on these matters, and the government leaders take some inspiration and do the necessary good.  In the name of Jesus our Saviour I pray.  Amen.

(written by Durudarshan)
(c) Copyright.