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The U.S. Presidential thoughts on it.

Posted on April 23, 2016 at 3:16 PM Comments comments ()
Up until mid-July, they have the primaries and the caucuses, in which delegates get appointed to carry the voting into the general election, which will be after nomination of each party's Nominee for the President.

Hillary Clinton was joyous at winning the New York primary; now the votes she has to her name and the super-delegates suggest she will become the Nominee for the Democrat side.  Of the remaining delegates, Bernie Sanders needs to amass 82percent, and Hillary 18percent.  There just aren't enough for both candidates to achieve the 2383.  Mrs Clinton has 1941 and Senator Sanders has 1191 - so it is anyone's guess who shall be the Nominee now.  But it is good for Bernie to continue running the side show; the public he is winning to the Democratic side will serve well if they support Mrs Clinton in the closing stages.  It can be perceived that the young women need to be further empowered, so by backing Hillary Clinton they could score big for the gender equality as well.  This seems to be an elections of firsts, so why not the first woman President of the United States of America?  Almost the whole world is watching to see when that scientifically achievable miracle takes place.  It seems about time that this superpower had the benefit of female leadership.  I believe it would do great good for world peace and prosperity.  The female intuition is always to preserve peace and continue with progress, and this was apparent in the global field when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.  Reading her book "Hard Choices", I can surmise she will have a ready made agenda to progress peace across the world (starting with perhaps Afghanistan ?).  As for her economic ideas, they appear very sound, based on good budgeting, so that more jobs can be created, taxation maintained but favouring the low- and middle-earning citizens, essential services to people can be maintained, infrastructure where it is essential to upgrade can receive the necessary funding, and who knows, she could direct the restoring of good water to Flint.    

Whoever becomes the next President will I believe have to consider something for bringing water to California.  There are people who would bring it in from the Mojave desert next door in Nevada, or perhaps try out the mini desalination plants being suggested on Billionsinchange.  Whoever can address this issue and get the plans implemented would certainly win the hearts of the people of drought stricken California, I imagine.  Do George and Amal Clooney think Hillary Clinton could do it for them?

After the New York primary, looking at the scoreboard, where he scored so well, Donald Trump observed "Ted Cruz has been mathematically eliminated".  Mr Trump with 845 delegates for him can say that with authority, knowing the numbers from now onwards seem to favour Donald the Republican frontrunner as the likely Nominee.  Of course, Ted Cruz, who has 559 delegates behind him,  must be harbouring hopes that he himself will get the lion's share of the delegates in the next few weeks; if that were to happen, which is highly unlikely, the Republicans may end up having a split convention.   But on probability, Mr Trump could be right, and may emerge as the Republican Nominee, and the next few weeks will clarify the picture.

There is a sense of graceful gender equality and empowerment of women that is rising throughout the world.  People are looking to America. 

Kind regards,


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