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The drought in many regions of India and the 47C temperature

Posted on April 24, 2016 at 4:20 PM Comments comments ()
God bless the people of India, the Monsoon cannot come quick enough - it is expected the rains will arrive 31st May or so.  That is a long way to go, with dry regions without water, a village in Bihar said to have self ignited in temperatures of 47C or so.  Many regions it seems have arid ground, cracked up, the atmosphere is dry not humid, the sun burns the hands when people go outside; even inside, sun lotion or oil melts on the skin, making it sting in the severe heat.   What to speak of bathwater, there isn't enough to drink or cook in some areas.  I would say this is a humanitarian crisis, and hope people can help to alleviate the peoples' suffering.
     An obvious idea is to send them bottled water, but to sell it may be too expensive for the vast majority of people.  A bottle at anything over 30 rupees will appear too expensive, although in Europe or America an equivalent bottle costing 30 pence or 55 cents may appear normal.  (I am talking about large bottles litre or litre-and-a-half, not small bottles at touristic places).

     The reservoirs are only twenty percent full, as compared against a norm of 35 percent annually.  It is a bad state to find themselves in, but I imagine they have little option but to use these reserves to as much as is currently needed to alleviate the peoples' thirst and cooling needs until the Monsoon arrive, which will by grace of God help to replenish adequately.

     47 degrees Celcius seem way too high, and can probably be attributed to the shifting patterns of weather, perhaps the ultra-warm El Nino winds wafting over Asia.  I hope scientists will dedicate themselves to find solutions of how these winds can in the future be ameliorated, by some artificial means perhaps (such as directing a counter-balancing windstream, artificially created, into the path of the El Nino).  In the past, Jesus may have intoned 'Winds, be thee still'.  Today, without blasphemy, and paying respect to the Wind God, perhaps we should also intone the words of Jesus.  Amen.

     Simultaneously,  while the Prime Minister is to be admired for having got the construction of a hundred new cities started, perhaps Modiji can put additional initiatives under way, in the construction of power stations (be they nuclear, geothermal, wind-power, solar, etc, whatever may be most practicable and suitable for the various regions) and also the manufacture of power generators for immediate distribution throughout India so people can have something to cool themselves down.  It is only April now, and traditionally the weather up until September of October gets even warmer....this year may probably see temperatures break all records.  The heat will be intolerable for most people.

     For the meantime, the government must do whatever is appropriate : appeal to the international community for supplies of water (or import bottled water for immediate distribution).  It seems it is a national emergency, and India has many well-wishers in the world who would help out, if requested.
I note unusually high numbers of readers to my website from Sungur and Delhi, and I hope they will read my messages and initiative appropriate action and announcements.  It pains me greatly to see NDTV reports of peoples' suffering in drought hit areas, and I felt saddened to hear of the village in Bihar burning up in the heat. 

     I am of the opinion that release of sufficient quantities of water from the reservoirs will do good to the whole atmosphere, and may calm down the temperature as well as increase the much needed humidity.  A 'normal' circulation of water always restores the ecological system, and all the regions must not worry about the long-term future but release more water now.....Hopefully the Monsoon will arrive on time, and replenish the reservoirs adequately for the future.

     Ram bhaktas must have faith that the Monsoons will be adequate for future needs, and now take the
necessary steps to help all the people of India, in the different regions, to God's glory. 

     Jai Ram   Shree Ram    Jai Jai Ram.


-  Durudarshan

London   9:18pm  GMT   Sunday   24th April 2016

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