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People are finding inspiration in my blogs.

Posted on April 30, 2016 at 3:08 PM Comments comments ()
Good Evening,

It's a pleasant sunny afternoon in London.  I did lot of household chores this morning and through the afternoon.

Washing clothes and putting them to dry in the back garden, for instance, cleaning the sofa and rearranging the cushions, brooming the dust out of corners, then hovering the floor.  Busy, busy, busy; and I had a nap in the afternoon, for nearly an hour, restoring my energy to do so more tasks.

For a break, I sat down at the computer, to check my blog stats.  Glad to note people are reading my old blogs as well.  I suppose they find some inspiration.   These are some of the ones they were reading today :-

-  Where's the potential growth for the future?

-  Where next for the worldwide economic Recovery?

-   When the new tech starts to pay for itself.

-  What of Turkey?

-  What's happening with the economy?

You may wish to read some of them too.  Go to my Blog, and write in the title or topic you are interested in.....Happy reading.

Wish you a joyful weekend. 

I do worry about the people in India dying of thirst and heatstrokes, it has been unusually hot, 44 degrees C.  There are numerous states suffering drought, viz. Maharasthra, Gujarat, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, even the new state of Telangana.  The water reservoirs are full only about 20 percent of full capacity, and the Monsoon is expected towards end of May, early June.  What should they do?  I
am suggesting they use about 0.5 percent to 0.7 percent each day and hopefully by grace of God the plentiful rains will arrive and replenish the tanks.  In the meantime, I am suggesting to the Indian government to put out an appeal for people who may wish to donate bottled water.  That would be most useful.  (Vast majority of people will not be able to afford the bottled water, so it has simply to be given away to them....that may save the situation.  My thanks to kind readers who can help with their generosity in this regard).

Kind regards,

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