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European capitals seem surprised that London has chosen a Muslim Mayor.

Posted on May 8, 2016 at 1:31 PM Comments comments ()
Sadiq Khan, at the moment of his jubilation when he was announced as the new Mayor of London, stood there at City Hall, somewhat drained, almost exhausted, almost aghast at the tough fight he had had to put up to be elected Mayor of London, just because he is a Muslim.

Now he has cracked the glass ceiling, as it were, so there must be huge potential opportunity for people of all other faiths (but Muslims will be seeing opportunities for themselves pronounced) to rise to the top, especially in the political arena.

Sadiq Khan has been the Member of Parliament for Tooting for many years, and was the Transport Minister in the last Labour government, so it was no surprise for the Labour Party to offer him all the backing and support for the post of Mayor.  It is now apparent the former London Mayor Ken Livingstone provided him with support in his strategy.  A victory for Sadiq Khan - who promoted himself as 'the boy from the council estate who will bring housing to the people of London' and 'the son of a bus driver who will improve transport for you' - is a win for the socialist party. 

London is multi-cultural, with colourful pockets of ethnic minorities wearing their finest national clothes at the weekends, especially at weddings and other celebrations, and peace and tolerance seem to be the unstated and natural nuances of such gatherings.  It is a celebration of life, to which all members of the communities feel glad if they are invited.  Certainly most people glance at such gatherings with fascination - as they drive by or are travelling by bus.

Londoners have shown they are a tolerant and open-minded people, not excluding anyone due to their identity.  Over 1.3 million people voted for Sadiq Khan.  The first utterances of his campaign were positive, that he would like Britain to stay In the European Union.  This is a man who appreciates the benefits of that friendship, which brings so much business, maintains jobs, and encourages E.U. citizens buy their homes in London, a truly cosmopolitan city.

Just as Londoners celebrate this very welcome appointment of Sadiq Khan as the Mayor, so it is hoped our friends across Europe can welcome him too. 

Considering that the essential principles and tenets of all religions are similar, I surmise that everyone who observes his or her religion is a good person, a God-loving person, who will mean well towards all others.  In a culture of diversity and inclusion, I am glad Sadiq Khan stood, and won. 

Kind Regards,

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