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How will the U.S. Presidential candidates fare?

Posted on May 18, 2016 at 8:10 AM Comments comments ()
After the results from Oregon and Kentucky, Slick Hilly has 2,291 delegates to her name, while her fellow Democrat Bernie Sanders seems adrift with 1,528 delegates for him.  With another 92 delegates backing her, Mrs Clinton is certainly going to notch up her figure for the nomination quite soon, certainly by 7th June, when there is the primary in California with a huge number of delegates.

At the moment, the Bernie team still contend that Senator Sanders is running for the top job, and still superficially the momentum seems to be in his favour - he tends to score a point or two higher than Hillary in some of the States, regardless of the fact that he won't be able to catch up in time with her unassailable lead. 

If today Hillary is on a ratio of 49 to Bernie's 51 in some states, I would deduce that she will collect another 450 delegates by the end of the primary elections, meaning well in excess of the minimum required for the Nomination.  Dream as he might of a 'brokered convention', I believe Senator Sanders is really out of it.  It cannot be a matter of pride for Bernie to note that some of his supporters are going around (or telephoning) threats and vulgarity to Hillary's supporters and campaign co-ordinators.  This is shameful, and of course shows the desperation in their attempt to save the race for Bernie. 

Come the Democrat convention in July, it is patently obvious Mrs Clinton will become the Democrat Nominee for President, thereafter to battle out the general election with the Republican presumptive Nominee, the bombastic billionaire affectionately known with the definite article as The Donald.

The magnetic and mercurial business icon who built the famous Trump Tower and much more in New York and Chicago is out to win.  Had he not opened his account in the campaign by speaking out against Mexicans (or some of them), Islamic radicals (or some of them) and so on, it is quite conceivable the American people would have voted for him.  A lot of people are full of admiration for Donald Trump and what he has achieved.  However, he has cluttered up his score card on the Foreign Policy front with issues that would sour U.S. relations with many nations.  The Islamic nations need to be kept as friends of America.  Malaysia has threatened to draw up sanctions against the U.S. if Donald were to be the President.  Mexico similarly feel exasperated at the idea of a wall against them - as if Mexicans still want to migrate to the U.S. in numbers which were large until 2007. 

Mrs Clinton has now started to broadcast the idea that she would use her husband's ideas of creating jobs.  Of course, Bill Clinton was responsible for creating several million jobs when he was President,
so certainly he will add to her strength.  Madame President will have the power to implement the ideas, and her partner will only too happily provide the ideas which shall bring happiness to the people.  I can imagine a good agenda of rapid pick up in the economy, leading to Prosperity, under Mrs Clinton.

The Donald is a man of action, who gets things done.  In the world of international diplomacy, those who hesitate and think twice may be better received. 

The world would rather see peace, with America the superpower as their friend.  Donald's pre-announced threats to kick-ass the ISIS may not be to everybody's liking, especially the poor beleaguered people of Syria who have found themselves being kicked around and their houses reduced to rubble and the innocent people getting killed whilst different sides add to the confusion. 

With her vast experience as Secretary of State for Defense, and her perceived sensibility to make peace for the various nations, together with her agenda for creating jobs and happiness for all classes of Americans, Hillary for America seems to be the woman for these times.  It will be up to all to deliver the laudatory verdict America for Hillary and elect her to President.  I believe she would make a good, great President.  It is now up to the people to decide.

Kind regards,


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