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Peace prevailing in Syria, and re-settlement of the Refugees and Migrants seems a solution the E.U. would seek

Posted on May 28, 2016 at 4:05 PM Comments comments ()
Clearly, no nation can afford to take the responsibility of accommodating or rehabilitating the vast number of Migrants and Refugees from Syria, who now face trying times in no-mans-land, suffering the weather, being grateful for the food and drink they receive, and obliged to learn German or French in the meantime to indicate their willingness to be accepted somewhere.

The sheer scale of the refugee crisis and migrant crisis is causing much concern amongst government circles in the European Union nations, and even in Brussels, as they collectively have their HQ offices there.  In view of the terrorist attacks on Brussels not many months ago, it has certainly created a pronounced feeling of ambivalence.  It may be a growing feeling that none of the E.U. nations are going to accept all these people for whom they have neither the housing, schools, medical facilities, nor the financial resources. 

The best solution may be for peace to prevail in Syria itself, and so all those people can be re-settled in their homelands.

This is where their President has to help the situation, by encouraging a peace settlement in Syria.

It is common knowledge that he signed some Law or Decree that the President shall serve for not beyond two terms of seven years each.  That is his law for the future of his nation.  Be it noted that he himself has already served two by seven year terms, that ended two years ago when he signed that Law into being, and therefore by his own dictat he should not be serving any more time as President.  Perhaps it may be fitting for the nation to create some titular or symbolic exalted office for him to help oversee the arrangements.  Mr Bashar al-Asaad would do best to help re-convene the peace talks, and guide them to formulating a peace plan that would benefit all people of his nation, hopefully leading to reconstruction (which the E.U. nations may be willing to help Syria in arranging the finance and planning) so that the people of Syria may once again live peacefully within Syria and thrive in this beautiful and once-prosperous land.  Organising this vast nation with the sweet will of the people collectively is the only way.  Use of force to subjugate has not worked, and never will.  The people of Syria seemed to have a sense of reverence and loyalty towards their great leader the late Hafeez al-Asaad, but his very able son and successor seems not to have earned such elevated esteem in the eyes of the people.  If he can sacrifice any personal feeling to holding power, and instead decide on a persona in which he could help lift his people, he would do well, and could help the peace talks greatly.
Of course, he would be helping his poor beleaguered people greatly if peace could prevail upon his nation.  He must direct the curtailment of any attacks on any people inside his nation, no matter under whose disguise they operate. 

As the days start to become hot in Europe, that must be good news for the Syrian refugees and migrants who are used to sunnier climes in Syria.  But necessary to add, the hot weather, with lack of adequate toilet facilities, uncomfortable existence in tents, lack of medicine and doctors, (and various problems the people in the field out there can imagine too well) may bring about illnesses or viral breakouts.  Hopefully, the authorities closet to them will take due note of this and make some arrangements to deal with such situation so they can be confined, dealt with adequately, so they don't spread further.

In the past, the European Union nations have shown their willingness to contribute a few Billion Euros to help the Syrian refugees and migrants, so in good faith the Syrian people, including Mr al-Asaad and the opposition, should try and work out a peace formula that will help all the people of Syria.  To see them leading such wretched lives outside must be a reason of great concern, from a humanitarian aspect. 

Why doesn't Mr Bashar al-Asaad devote some time to writing his memoirs, so he can review the past six years or so, and realise that it has been to no avail.  Is it not deeply saddening to realize that so many people have lost their lives, in this mad conflict which has been of benefit to no-one and has brought sadness and strife to so many people.  No person who is a believer and draws inspiration from God can possibly afford to stand by and allow the sad situation to continue, or ignore it for the meantime.  The daily suffering of so many people, who once lived happily in Syria, in their own homes, enjoying a piece of bread, some vegetables, some delicacy, a date, some sweet water, praising Allah for providing a good life......Today those people are stranded in the open air, without even basic necessities of survival. 

I pray that all the people of influence who could do something and persuade others to sit down and negotiate and formulate some peace plan, will take the initiative in the name of humanity and see whatever little they can do towards this peace in Syria.  May God's blessings be upon you.

I pray for all this in the name of our Saviour and Redeemer. 

(written by Durudarshan)

(c) Copyright, but may be freely transmitted and shared.