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Brexit? The U.S. Presidential race? How goes it?

Posted on June 4, 2016 at 4:33 PM Comments comments ()
At the end of some serious grilling by journalists and audience in front of TV cameras, a flustered and even exasperated looking David Cameron (Prime Minister) was asked : What will come first, Brexit or World War III?  All burst out laughing at this immense joke.  The Referendum is only three weeks away, on 23rd June, so safely we could say World War III will be before Brexit - with the implication that Brexit will not happen.  It would be humourless to conclude otherwise.  Well done Faisal Islam for posing that question.

As for the Presidential race in the U.S., the primary stage is nearly over, with just one more round, with huge number of delegates to be won in California, both for the Democrats and the Republicans. 

Mrs Hillary Clinton is patently likely to clinch the nomination, she has an unassailable lead against the less experienced but full of vim and vigour Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont, who is much supported and cheered by those who like his offer of wide-ranging policies of universal free medical care and other freebies.  Those would not happen anyway, even if he were President.  Neither Democrats nor Republicans would allow passage of such bills, let alone allow them to become statute. 

As for the irrepressible Donald Trump, he keeps going strong, and at the primary stage is now the presumptive Republican Nominee.  At this stage the Republican House seniors may endorse him, although there was some suggestion that they may have someone else waiting in the wings, to take up the Republican banner.  But if Donald remains the Nominee, he will have a tough time explaining himself to the world community his tirades against the Mexicans (or some of them), Muslims (or some of them) and such controversies.   The world would be excited to learn his revealations about who was really responsible for the 9/11 bombings.  He will have to tell the world something substantive, and something that the world community will wish to verify. 

For the next stage, for the general election, it will be Hillary Clinton versus the bombastic billionaire.
Both are strong, charming personalities, and both I believe have an equal chance of winning.
We are in for some very interesting debates till 8th November, by when the public will have voted for the President. 

The office of President of the U.S.A. is the most powerful office on Planet Earth, in as far as the free world is concerned.  It is the office that embodies and espouses the highest principles of safeguarding and perpetuating democracy and liberty, safeguarding our freedoms. 

Who seems worthy of it? The First Lady of Arkansas, the first female Senator, the First Lady of the U.S.A., the distinguished Secretary of State for Defence who served her role as a duty of honour - will she become the first female Head of State of this superpower? 

Or could it be Donald Trump, the multi-billionaire who has built so many tall buildings in New York and Chicago, and had a personal interest in finding out who commissioned the attacks on the twin towers on that fateful day?

If Mrs Clinton wins it, she could be starting a very welcome new chapter of peace in the Middle East, which she has suggested in her book Hard Choices.  She has access and experience to top level information on state of play on the ground in many regions, and her sincere efforts at fostering peace are very much appreciated.  She was accepted as a trusted peace maker, and people in various regions are looking forward to her being at the helm of her nation.  It is indicative that many expect the world political atmosphere to ameliorate with her presence.  People seem to instinctively trust her.
She was exonerated after the Benghazi grilling, and came out fully vindicated with her head held high.
She seems now fully ready to be elected to the highest office in the land, and which she would serve well, with Bill by her side to guide her in monetary, fiscal and community policies regarding job creation.  It is believable that she could create about four million jobs in her first year, within constraints of the budget that would be possible in today's atmosphere.  Once the people really warm to her, and realize she would mean well by the whole of American society, I believe they will vote and get her elected.  I believe she will be the Madame President the world has been waiting for.

I shall be pleased to hear your comments and views, as always.

Kind regards,


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