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I believe the markets could be heading up.....

Posted on June 9, 2016 at 1:28 PM Comments comments ()
Once Hillary Clinton had amassed the support of 2383 delegates and super-delegates to her side on 7th June - and this was before the primaries in 5 other states, with 475 delegates in California still to woo - it would have been clear to anyone but Bernie Sanders that he was out of the race, fair and square.
Now that Mrs Clinton has an additional 365 delegates backing her, and some 100 plus still to be declared, it is obvious she will be the Democratic Nominee for President, a historic first for this very accomplished lady who said it was her honour to serve as Secretary of State.  She visited 40 countries in her first year in  her Foreign Affairs/Defence portfolio, and many more in another three years, constantly shuttling to and fro between Middle East nations, in her endeavours to create peace and make it work.  Her accomplishments were great, surmising from the fact that it was much more peaceful in that region, where she was trusted as a messenger of peace. 

Using a public email server to exchange private emails is perhaps something she should not have done.
But in an environment of sophisticated hacking, where even the most secure internet servers are known to have been penetrated, this is a minor shortcoming which perhaps should be excused.  So long as no one's safety or security was directly compromised, it seems to have been a harmless use of the internet as most normal people do use it.  As for the Benghazi grilling, Mrs Clinton was fully exonerated and vindicated, leaving there joyfully relieved and her head held high.  That to me is a clear indication of her unquestionable integrity. 

People across the globe are joyful to see her reach the milestone of becoming the first woman Presidential Nominee of a major political party in the U.S.A.  The global joy shall be greater when Hillary actually becomes President.  If she is in tune with the peoples' aspirations, I pray the people will support her and vote for her at the general election, and celebrate and participate in making history on 8th November.

I believe the DOW will now move up, in any case, to 18,500 - which perhaps it should have reached last year, so now with clarity in the political situation, I believe it will do so before long.  Even if people think Donald Trump will be President, that too would be a bullish signal for the market.  He is a man of great experience, having project managed the construction of many fine buildings in New York and Chicago and Atlantic City, and has sound understanding of the workings of government - he got the Wollman Ice Rink in New York built within 6 months and at less than budget while the local council office had spent some six years previously on the project and not done much on it.  Mr Trump travels up and down the country in his 727 jet or his helicopters, and I imagine he will have identified possible projects which he will now pursue 24/7, in his usual style.  He will certainly keep on doing good for his family owned company, and perhaps he may even do some more philanthropic activities, this is something I read in one of his books.  He is a dynamic personality, a dreamer who practically realizes what he dreams, if he can.  At this stage, he is fully focused on winning the Presidency.  His foreign policy pronouncements may be something that may dissuade people from voting for him.
He is an enlightened billionaire, and believes in distributing the Bible.  I feel sure the world will hear his name all the time in the future.  Donald Trump can certainly develop or repair America like not many other people, and he has a golden heart for the people.  As President of the Trump Organisation, he certainly has the capacity to do much good for the people, and I pray he will help people out maybe in public housing projects, good housing built in affordable prices, creating jobs in many industries, perhaps producing his lovely golden limousines?  This man with the Midas touch could certainly help regenerate Detroit. 

In the meantime, if the market perceives that Hillary will be the President, then I see the market going up to 19,000, based on continuation of the Federal Reserve policies and extension of the Debt Ceiling.
This is just my opinion, people take positions at their own risk of course.

I see good times ahead.  Only yesterday his Excellency Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed the construction of 5 nuclear power plants in India, whilst in talks at the White House with Mr Obama.
With the severe heat and droughts in India, that project cannot be soon enough.  I trust it is okayed soon so that construction can begin.

Kind regards,

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