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Remain? Brexit? What do you think?

Posted on June 15, 2016 at 1:12 PM Comments comments ()
The perception is that the Brexit movement is gathering pace, at least over the last four weeks.  While the Remain camp is 4/6ON with the bookies, they have seen odds drop from a generous 7/2 to 6/4 for Brexit.  Let's be fair, both sides are trying to sex up their deal, so more and more supporters fall in line with their thoughts, never mind the future.

Both sides are presenting the same arguments tailored to say the other side would be bringing us disadvantages, whereas if you vote for our side, everything should be hunky dory come 24th June.

Well, more and more it appears this is a critical referendum, and the result will be irrevocable.  If we Britons decide to continue our membership of the European Union, blah, the Prime Minister at least will be pleased.  But so will Her Majesty (who I gather is very much in favour of staying In, although she is supposed to express a neutral opinion on political matters).

If the fools persuade enough people to vote Leave (and the international media mogul Rupert Murdoch's widely read tabloid The Sun is advocating BeLeave) the uber rich would be happy.  The media baron will be overjoyed, to once again call the outcome of an election and get it right.  Well, I have news for them.  It is clear they are using the statistics that only about 3 percent of the British population (of 66 million) bother to vote, under normal circumstances.  And if you note that the Sun has about 3 million readers, even if some of them go along with the preaching, they cannot go wrong in having called the result.  Well, this time I sincerely hope that all the other newspapers will perhaps subtly urge their readers to support the Remain side.  Fair's fair, but this time I pray we can all rally and carry the day with a Remain (IN) vote on 23rd June.  I would ask everybody possible to vote likewise.

Breaking away from the European Union would be the worst possible mistake : the friendship, mutual support and agreeable trade terms we enjoy with the EU bloc is something that cannot be replaced.  Besides, it seems so natural for Britain to have ties with the European nations. 

After the renegotiations by the Prime Minister, he came away with a good bargain : there would be no interference by the EU in matters of sovereignty, English Law, or keeping the Pound Sterling (one of the most respected Reserve currencies in the world). 

The main issue the Leave camp seem to be focusing on is future immigration : the fear of approximately 76 million people from Turkey wishing to enter Europe freely, and perhaps seek settlement in these lands.  Of course, such fears are just fears.  I cannot imagine people from a country that is blessed with good climate, ample natural resources, hardworking and creative people who like to trade and prosper, wishing to seek settlement in Europe....well, some of them will, but certainly I cannot imagine the vast majority of them even considering it, whenever Turkey should join the E.U. and obtain those rights.

The huge numbers of refugees and migrants from Syria waiting for entry and accommodation in E.U. countries is a problem which will seek solutions, which the government ministers in Europe are taxing their brains to find humane and just solutions to.   An influx of talented, hardworking immigrants may find accommodation in some countries, depending on economic circumstances; but the vast majority would certainly be much better off in their beloved Syria, where, God-willing, peace can prevail and take hold, and the various factions in humane understanding can allow their brethren and sisters back home.  Here I have suggested the European nations, together with other nations, especially the Arab League, should consider and indeed offer funds for reconstruction of various parts of that once prosperous and beautiful nation.  I believe that once peace has been re-established, a flourishing economy will once again rise up.  Allah has granted ample natural resources to Syria, with creative and talented people.  It is a point of sadness that the mad civil war has reduced some many cities to rubble, and caused so much heart-break to so many people, who now must be tired of the constant bombardment and harassment - and that has been largely responsible for making these people into homeless people, begging for food and drink, pleading for the mercy of entry and accommodation in these lands.  In the meantime, the world can admire the efforts and cost Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and other nations have borne in feeding and accommodating these beleaguered people, even though in tents in camps. 

I pray the European nations and the Arab League nations will talk sense with Mr Bashar al-Asaad, and help him to create favourable peaceful conditions in Syria, so they can once again be on track to Recovery and Prosperity. 

But in the meantime, I pray the fears of immigration of huge numbers shall not confuse the people in Britain not to look after their own interests.  The Chancellor (George Osborne) has again stated that should Britain leave the E.U., he will have no alternative but to impose an Austerity budget immediately thereafter.....He sees a 'black hole' of £30 billion, which would necessitate reduction of pensions and social security, and curtailment of NHS services....If there is a Brexit, the people who are in the NHS ques will have to be served as before, only it would take longer, and some services will not be there, due to less money in the system. 

I believe this great and humane nation would be best off remaining part of that family of great and humane nations that is called the European Union.  The mutual respect and support in spirit and cultural matters that we have for one another is something money cannot buy. 

Everything considered, I shall vote In.

Kind regards,

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