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I see continued economic Recovery for Europe, especially if Britain remains in the E.U.

Posted on June 18, 2016 at 6:48 AM Comments comments ()
It will be the will of the people, with each person voting the way they wish, in secret, at the ballot box, which will decide whether Britain remains in the E.U., or exits. 

I am utterly shocked to hear of the death at the hands of violence of the Member of Parliament, Mrs Jo Cox, who was championing the Remain side, but I cannot imagine that this was the reason for her death.  When her speeches in Parliament were being re-played on TV on Thursday afternoon, it cannot have failed to impress anyone that here was a person who felt very deeply about the welfare of people, and brought the plight of suffering humanity to an audience who could possibly do something to help them.  I hear she previously worked for Oxfam, and visited many nations as an aid worker. 

She was holding her MP's surgery at the library in Birstall in the afternoon.  There, two men who were there got into some argument, jostled each other out of the library, whereupon Mrs Cox went to pull them apart, and apparently one of them took out an 'old fashioned revolver' out of his bag and shot her and stabbed her.  A 52-year old man wearing a white baseball cap was later arrested and is in police custody.  What reason can there be for anyone to vent so much fury and actually kill someone?

There was something ominous about 16/06/16, Thursday, when this happened.  It is greatly saddening that it happened to this humane and sprightly young woman, who served her community so well.  I send my condolences and brotherly loves to her family, and pray God rests her soul in Heaven.  Amen. 

On days when some Triple Six is in the numbers, especially the day, I imagine some people get some kind of wickedness unleashed in their brains, which causes such incidents.  The next such day I imagine could be 26th of this month.  I pray anyone being taken over by the Satanic influence should pray and pray and pray for themselves and not be taken over to commit any such nasty deeds.  I pray in the name of Jesus our Saviour.  Amen.

The campaigning on the E.U. Referendum seems to have been suspended by the political parties for the time being, as the flag flies at half mast in Westminster and they lay flowers and light candles to the memory of this golden soul from Yorkshire. 

On the economy, Britain seems to be holding strong, with fewer people unemployed last month.  I can imagine more factories being re-started, as there is a huge demand in the world for food and technology and even furniture that Britain produces so well.  The money invested here by the European nations will stay here and maintain such jobs if we remain in the E.U.  With the European Bank stimulus of some 85 billion Euros per month now promised to continue for at least another year and possibly beyond, there is all the prospect that Recovery will be enhanced.  Well-meaning friends like Mme Angela Merkel, suggest Britain should stay In.  Denmark would be so upset if we decide otherwise that they will pull out their investments totalling £150 billion if we vote out.  Common sense suggests it would be good to remain In.  It would bring a greater economic Recovery to all the E.U. nations.  Why should Britain wish to go it alone at this time which offers great prospects for the future?

I send my condolences and brotherly loves to Jo Cox's family, and pray God rests her soul in Heaven.
In the name of Jesus our Saviour and Redeemer.  Amen.