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Who should the PM tell to stop dithering?

Posted on September 3, 2012 at 4:48 PM
The PM has received an invitation from the Eurozone to get the British economy moving in the right direction, in the direction of growth.  It would provide inspiration and leadership for all.  The British are well-known for being innovative and leading from the front.
In tune already and before being asked, David Cameron suggested that Britain's business leaders get a move on and do the necessary to bring about such favourable changes, although he will stick to his guns and stick to the budget reduction exercise. 
No one is asking for U-turn or something.  What people are asking for is a slight change in the magnitude and severity of the budget cuts.  A common-sense question to ask is : why destory jobs in the civil service which pay about £1500 only to pay social security and housing benefits to those who thus become unemployed?  What is the point?  It creates a strain on the social security system and deprives the country of the good work done by those civil servants, they are always doing much, much more than twiddling their thumbs.
What's happened with the little private educational establishments, where are the pupils or students they should be teaching?  You know what, the parents have become unemployed, they can't afford the fees.  This is but one example of the knock-on effect.  When parents haven't got money for cigerettes, children can't have sweets or crisps from the local shop, where the shopkeeper is standing wondering what has happened to the country, no one seems to buy newspapers or cigerettes or sweets as they used to from his Dad and Uncle before him?  And they go to Tesco's to buy their wines and spirits.  What has gone wrong with the country? 
Could the central government not review the Uniform business rates, and give discounts to new or struggling businesses for a year or so, until the economy picks up again?  What about the landlords of the empty commercial properties, can't they take a lower rent until things improve?  What about the teachers sitting at home unemployed, can't they take a cut in pay and help make private education affordable?  Can't the banks start to lend the money that the Bank of England has pumped into the system?  If these and similar measures are put into effect, Britain will come out smiling, smelling of roses, just as the Olympians and Paralympians have done in London, and made Britain so proud.  Those people are an inspiration and a celebration of the human spirit.  And what a spirit!
Kind regards,

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