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Give away the gift of progress....

Posted on September 6, 2012 at 1:19 PM
The Internet has created so many millionaires and billionaires, and left so many people un or underemployed. 
The Internet has brought rapid progress.  I don't have to visit the library, I can read so much online.  Saves on time and bus-fare. 
By the same token, it has reduced the High Street to empty shops. 
When the Internet first started to pick up, it was a novel experience.  Around the same time, they brought in the 7 day a week shopping experience, with shops being open on Sundays as well.  But my observation is that after about 8 or 9 months, some shops started to close, people started to lose their jobs. 
Let's make it cheaper, deliver it faster, has become the way of doing business successfully in the Internet age.  Now, if someone has an item that everybody would buy, all they have to do is set up a shop, an online presence, and customers come flooding in.  Cheaper books online mean bookshops are facing closure, so many free books on a £79 Kindle means people won't buy books nor go to libraries.
Can you just imagine how many jobs will be lost?  The whole human experience of going to shops may disappear in some sectors, sad to imagine. 
The successful online shops will make their proprietors millionaires, but so many people will be left without jobs. 
The new technology is an empowering technology, freeing people from the drudgery of repetitive tasks, so they can have more free time or rather not-too-busy time but still earning a living.  The new tech is a gift from God for the progress of mankind.  The Internet millionaires and billionaires perhaps will one day pay heed to the idea that being so empowered, they have the gift to gift it to other people, just like Tim Berners-Lee did with his world wide web.  Let everybody have a job, and be eating, drinking, reading books, watching movies, listening to more music, enjoying life, but still earning their living. 
That would be mankind's dream come true, the age we have all been praying for, on a nice sunny day to put the sporting shoes and sports shirt, and go for a stroll, secure that the world is a good place, and God has given the world the bounty to share and let everybody enjoy.
Kind regards,

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