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Hello, Pyongyang, remember to say Halt!

Posted on April 4, 2013 at 6:26 AM
The pictures on TV showing the DPRK Leader Kim Jung-on (or Young One, as we may affectionately refer to him) purposefully striding along with his lieutenents and commanders, gazing through the binoculars at South Korea across the water, pinpointing targets on a map, suggest a great expedition about to take place.  It is almost as if it were an adventure outing.
The million strong army in brown suits and cloth caps almost look like a scene from the great march of Jericho (in England, in the 1930s, marching over lack of jobs and food to eat).
The people in the Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea come across as conservative, peace-loving people in England.....And yet one hears of impending war?
There must be something wrong somewhere for the DPRK to up the ante and suggest a preparedness that is beyond bellicose humbug.  It is time therefore for the DPRK Leader to stop, take a pause for thought, realise what his true objectives are and that they can be achieved without actual war, and say Halt! to his army in no uncertain terms. 
I am writing this simply because the Young One's Father, the much-loved Leader of his nation, Kim Jung-il, was a reader of my blog (I was happy to note) and in his final days, before he died on that train journey, he was turning to peace and seeking ways to bring sustainance and enterprise to his people.
He heeded the suggestion that his people would be better at football if they were less shy (football has to be played in public, after all) and I understand Bend It Like Beckham was a favourite film for him.
When his Father's Golden Son took over the reigns of power, his first steps were to enlist the friendliness of China to help in mineral extraction and trade.  That to the world showed the Young One was on the right track. 
What has gone wrong since?  I do sincerely pray that Kim Jung-on will heed my suggestion, and call a Halt! to all the activities that can only lead to a scenario no-one wants.  The lady Prime Minister of Seoul was offering a friendly hand, so could the Golden Son be expected to accept that friendship, to open talks for peace, that will take his nation to a much-needed period of freedom from bellicose thoughts and words, and help open up doors of friendship from the world community, that would take his people to peace and prosperity?  I sincerely hope so and pray that all people are listening.
Kind regards,

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