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Isn't it time to help Mr Maponya build his city?

Posted on June 14, 2013 at 12:11 PM
It was over two years ago that I saw a TV programme about Mr Maponya, a South African businessman, nay, Statesman, who wants to build a city.  He has a vision, to put buildings and necessary infrastructure in the townships where you see huts at the moment.  This has a positive feel of aiding growth there.
How are they going to pay for it? How are they going to monetise it, I hear people ask. 
That is precisely where the growth will be, as people move upwards.  But they have to be helped with investment into such a project.  It would do the economy a huge power of good.
At the moment of course there is no social security system in South Africa, and consequently people know that the option is to work (as compared to grow your own or something else).  So if work is created to service the economy, which would expand with development and embourgeoisement of the people, able to utilise the developing new technology and also serving the people with provision of necessary jobs, factories, medical facilities, schools, and so on....Just like America was over a hundred years ago, most parts of Africa are today, ready for development and industrialisation.  The magic item missing is the finance. 
Often, I gather, there are shortages of power in South Africa, as the power is transmitted from Mozambique.  There must be potential to develop power in other methods, and utilise solar power, geothermal, hydroelectric, and so on.  Just it seems they need someone to finance such projects, and get the construction thereof under way. 
The great respect people have for Mr. Mandela, I hope can also be shown to the worthy Mr Maponya,
whose dream city would do, I believe, the whole country and continent of Africa a huge power of good.
Dreamers and believers, people who have faith and know that such things as I speak of are possible, will
know that this would be a worthwhile project, and it will have the blessings of creating a necessary prosperity for the people in this part of the world.
Kind regards,

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