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Posted on November 9, 2013 at 6:12 AM
My thanks to the staff at these Search Engines for listing and indexing my website, and to Vistaprint for so beautifully hosting my website over last 28 months.  It has built from strength to strength, drawing many visitors each day. Thanks to all :
                        Google (the multi-trillion dollar brain)
                        Twitter  (tweet tweet to you)
                        LinkedIn (professional and so well defined)
                        Yahoo (book readers love you)
                        Bing (looks like people like spy thrillers)
                        and, just for good measure, a few porno sites, harmless fun is okay I'd say.
My blogs being read overnight are as follows :
  -  The ECB's 25 basispoint cut
  -  Stephanie Ruhle, CNBC interviewer 
         (She's actually an anchor for Bloomberg, working in New York)
  -  This is time for buyers to support Bangladesh factories
          (American companies have done so, may blessings be unto them)
  -  Thomas Sugrue's review of The Last Great Prophet
  -  The Bank of America share price.
Yesterday I heard the news that China has experienced good growth and far from a hard-landing which people feared it is experiencing very sound growth, with PMI figures up and increasing. 
One commentator has stated that China has several trillion dollars of reserves for investment, so I imagine the worldwide boom can continue.  Today I heard that 80 percent of visas being taken for visits to Portugal are for Chinese property investors.  This way, all economies with an open-door policy to encouraging property ownership and immigration would benefit from the Chinese wherewithal to sustain growth and Recovery. 
If the Chinese sources are suggesting U.S. is looking for $561 Billion for next six months, it augers well for the U.S. that the jobs numbers were pretty good and growth potential is inherent in America, and it would be very probable that China would support such borrowings and support, as they have done in the recent past. 
The luxury sector may start to rebound in China, who continue to buy Rolls Royce cars and jets as never before, and with the refocus on domestic consumption and increasing exports from China, it is apparent that the Honourable Xi Jinping is inspiring policies that will help the Chinese people achieve higher standards of living. 
For stability and optimism into the near future, what more could the world wish for?
Kind regards,

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Reply Durudarshan
1:23 PM on January 18, 2014 
A Chinese commentator mentioned a figure of 20 Trillion dollars. This I wonder may be a loss in translation. In U.S. Dollar terms, the figure was said to be around the $3.2 to $4.0 Trillion mark.
Reply Duru darshan
12:16 PM on January 20, 2014 
Five hundred sixty one billion over six months quantifys at $93.5 billion a month, compared to the then current $85 billion which was being pared down to $75 billion. All I can assume is the Chinese government economists have factored in an expected increase of $8.5 billion per month to make up for the reduction in the previous 12 months.
I assume this is a correct interpretation of 'taper' as Mr Bernanke said it would be varied according to prevailing conditions and needs.
(c) Durudarshan H. Dadlani 20th January 2014.
Reply montre replique
12:43 AM on May 30, 2014 
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