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What is the Mystery Method?

Posted on November 13, 2013 at 3:08 PM
Today the markets looked so mixed, I decided to take a stroll to the town and popped in at a bookstore.
There is something a bit forlorn about the carpets, and so many shelves looking emptied during open times gave me the impression that they are either going to lay on the decorations for Christmas or close down.  I hope not the latter, for there were half a dozen people browsing, in the 50 plus group, at one glance, so the type of people who enjoy books and likely have the spending power also. 
I couldn't see any books on technical analysis, nor on social media.  Perhaps that's what the empty shelves are for. 
My eye fell on a seductive book, The Mystery Method...a glance through it made me cheer up.
It says use women's perfume instead of aftershave!  and the man seen with women at a bar finds more attraction, just like the house just sold or the girl just engaged gets envious glances. 
The writer of that work on etiquette for the lothario or would be Casanova must know a few things, as he has even coached people to sit at a pub with him and directed them to go and chat up the woman of their fancy.  Certainly some willpower is necessary to go and chat the gorgeous woman no-one else seems to go up to.  That's what the Mystery Method teaches.  It's somewhat like giving someone the courage to trade.
Useful skills.
The book gives fresh amusement, such as seems to be absent in some of the oh-so-direct books that people probably buy in a hurry then wish they hadn't.  But this book liked like a nice cuddly cat.
Kind regards,

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