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Can there be renewed Recovery in the Euro Area?

Posted on July 23, 2015 at 4:56 PM
Do you think there can be renewed Recovery in the Euro Area, after the happy solution to the Greek crisis? 

It would seem very possible that the Recovery which had waned somewhat in the Euro Area will now become rejuvenated, with about 60 Billion Euros in asset purchases every month being done by the ECB.  From the official inception in April (and unofficially, from December 2014 for Greece, who needed emergency funding from their ELA), the ECB has started to help the various nations who have the Euro as their Mother Currency, and it is to be hoped they will have helped all the 19 members over the course of the next 14 months or so.  The Stimulus of One Trillion and 80 Billion Euros will provide the God send that the economies needed.  It is in the press that Ukraine may be receiving some funds from the IMF very soon.  Italy is in need of some of the Stimulus funds, to rejuvenate their Recovery, as does Ireland.  Netherlands may need some funds also, as probably do Portugal and other nations.

The 38.5 Billion Euros that will form the JUNCKER PLAN may have to be an extra-ordinary addition to the Stimulus, a one-off stand-alone Goodwill Fund, especially to help Greece refloat their economy, very much like the Marshall Plan helped the various European nations in the 1940s, early 50s.

The 19 Euro Area nations have a huge diversity of size and demographics, which would need to be weighed up in the context of their current stage in the economic cycle.  Of course, the rule of thumb would be to give each and every one some funds (via asset purchases) to turn their toxic assets into valuable assets on the balance sheets (of both the governments and corporations) and in due course with enterprise and growth, wealth will become created, and one day the debts will become repaid.
In the meantime, the funds will have assisted in giving cash flow, helping to create work and projects which will be turning all the natural resources God has given them into monetary equivalents. 

Now as the Greek brothers and sisters see the money arriving, they must have renewed confidence in the nature of the system.  This will add to their confidence in the system, and know that what they dream is possible, of their fortunes being restored through innovation, production, manufacture, and marketing and trade, the natural business activity of any economy.  With their huge numbers of educated and entrepreneurial young people, they certainly have everything to spearhead growth on a huge scale, which any observer at the moment can but imagine as potential.  I wish them God's blessings in their enterprises.

I am just stating what is obvious : there shall now be renewed Recovery in the Euro Area.

Kind regards,

9:51pm  London

Categories: Renewed Recovery for the Euro Area now possible.

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