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The European Union may have to revise their rules, especially on Immigration

Posted on July 10, 2016 at 2:28 PM
1)  Visa-free travel may be one thing, but it is quite another to have some kind of automatic right of stay for an extended period in another country whether for work or study or extended visit to relatives.
In terms of habitable land available, houses available and construction of more, the resources available in terms of potential jobs, medical facilities, schools, training, food, and of course provision of bathrooms and toilets, as well as police and such services, must be taken into account before allowing any more immigration.  I believe that part of the E.U. rules will have to be revised and tightened up, to ensure each member nation will only take the number that it can reasonably accommodate and provide for, then they would be welcome. 

2)  Looking at the Unemployment figures for Spain, it is very good news that the rate has come down from 25pecent to about 20percent.  The number of existing home sales has also started to pick up, reducing their inventory of the construction boom that left large number of houses empty.  It seems the house prices in Spain must be very favourable for buyers, and with more employment being created perhaps the time will soon come when most of the houses will be occupied, and the market could boom in maybe a year or two.  In the meantime, they have some work to do....for example running more buses along the less busy routes into isolated areas....this would encourage people to settle there.  And with more people settling there, obviously more trades and service-providers will open up shop or office around there, and perhaps employ apprenetices...this would boost the employment further, and bring some relief and joy in Espana's economic Recovery.  May we say Ole! to that.

3) The employment figures for Italy, France and Finaland are showing some deterioration, not good news, hence perhaps the caution from IMF that Europe will be achieving a modest Recovery. The E.C.B. could surely do something with their Stimulus and provide to these economies, to boost up the growth figures?  Upgrade of industries, investment into the New Economy (i.e. digital media and means) and perhaps borrowing the idea from Germany (as they have done in the UK) and creating Zero-hour contracts and employing young and old alike would certainly bring a lot of happiness to the citizens.
The national wealth in the form of printed or digitized money can circulate with a better velocity (increase the unemployment and pension benefits, enabling the recipients to spend more and live better) and the economic momentum will start to pick up, resulting in better figures of economic Recovery for these nations (and preserving the whole general upward momentum of the economy of the Euro Area as a whole).

4)  When people read of the current debate of the U.K.'s inclination to tighten the Immigration numbers (seeking to implement a points and quota system and abolishing an 'open door' easy entry system), some people will be pointed to look at the availability of jobs in other nations and their eligibility to go and work there, and perhaps settle there.  Pigeons go where the grains are, to climes which are suitable for them.  Why will it be different for human beings, if I may express it so simply?  Rules should be so worded and designed that they mean joy and welcome for law-abiding citizens as well as meeting with the approval of the people of the various nations.  An 'open door' policy simply will not work satisfactorily for the citizens, and politicians seeking to advocate such causes will perceivably lose their popularity. 

5)  Britain's intention to pull out of the European Union will remain a valid discussion and ongoing debate for about the next two and a half years.  Whoever becomes the next British Prime Minister (Mrs Theresa May or Mrs Andrea Leadsom) will have to tackle some very complex legislation to (a) satisfy the Remain and Leave sides and (b) kick in Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty for consideration by the E.U. and the respective members' parliaments.  Only thereafter upon satisfactory conclusion of such debates could formally Britain submit their proposal to exit the E.U.
     -  That gives hopes to both halves ( the vote was split 52percent Leave, 48percent Remain) that things will work out amicably and fairly.  First and foremost it seems the British would like there to be a clamp down on uncontrolled immigration.  Secondly, they would like not to pay or perhaps reduce the Club Fee, which last year for Britain was £8.5billion.  In terms of the constant shortfalls in the NHS budgets and reduction of schools, neglect of building council housing and so on, even reduction of children's nursery places, this would be money best spent at home, in Wales and England especially, who voted for Leave.  Northern Ireland, Scotland and London voted Remain overwhelmingly.  It is anybody's guess whether a partial membership will be required.  It may mean a mixed deal, and certainly some very complex scenarios face the United Kingdom in the days ahead.  No, it will not break up the Kingdom, but it will mean the writing of some very complex legislation. 
      -  Britain will emerge out of this Referendum as a stronger nation, focused on addressing their shortcomings within the neglected parts of the economy, and building on our strengths where the economy is robust and potential for sustaining it remains undisturbed, such as in London, Scotland and Northern Ireland, with the hopes that any neglect in these parts will also be address under the new Prime Minister.

Predicated on the good common sense of all the people in preserving the sound and useful cultural and economic ties that have developed in the European Union and the Euro Area over the last forty years or so, and to preserve such ties and expand them further for the future, I imagine steady economic growth for all these areas, for the next eighteen months at least.  God, our Heavenly Father, and Nature, our magnificent Mother Earth has never disappointed humanity in constantly created abundance at a admirable pace.  You have to marvel, and realise that They have never let us down.  I say this testimony in the name of Jesus our Saviour and Redeemer.  Amen.

(c) Copyright.  Durudarshan.


Categories: Steady growth for Europe for the next 18 months, by grace of God.

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