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Donald Trump will be a good great President

Posted on November 15, 2016 at 6:11 AM
My reading is that Donald John Trump will make a good great  President, creating work for people, helping them rebuild America, and turn the ecnomic Recovery into Prosperity.  I believe it is time for all people to halt the protests and demonstrations, and instead rest awhile till 20th January.  Immediately he is in charge, I belive this good man who has realized his full potntial and still seems to have plenty more he will achieve, certainly is of a generous heart to enable and provide the wherewithal to all other fellow citizens to realize their dreams.

He promised to get the coalminers up and working again.  You can imagine the young men and women in the rust belt waiting to restore or renew as soon as their work is renewed.  Donald Trump has promised them work, and it shal be so.  
His plan to create several million jobs at a cost of Six Hundred Billion Dollars seem a classic way of creating jobs and repairing or renewing national infrastructure, creating indeed fulfilling jobs which were dormant, creating livelihod and prosperity for the people.  

Donald Trump likes  to fund distribution of the Bible, and drew inspiration from his Pastor, the Revernd  John Vincent Peale.  That brand of positive thinking and Christianty is certainly that enthuses people to do good for themselves and  by inclusion be doing for the community, or even the world at large.

The author of Art of the Deal certainly believes in talking and discussing and renegotiating, and obviously he is a man with a good understanding heart.  

They spnt about eight years trying to get th Wolstan Ice Rink built in New York, and nothing as achieved, all wasted.  Donald offered to get it built, and he got it completed in eight months and under budget.  This man is a legend.  This man will get all people working, and make America great again.  He bears no ill will towards anybody.  He is as the Saviour would have him do.  Judging by his record, I feel we will all admire what he achives in his first year.  Now it is time for all to congratulate him on winning the election fair and square, and welcome him and look forward to his leadership.  

Kind Regards

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